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He eventually sold his share of the company, then gathered three 24-year-olds and started Userplane, a service that powers chat experiences for dating and language learning sites. After about two years at AOL, Jones switched gears and transitioned into investing.“I was one of the few people in LA who knew how to build and sell tech businesses, and became networked within the early-stage tech community in LA as a very active angel investor.” Jones also spent time in private equity with American Capital, where he participated in acquiring a company, running a company, and joining the board of a company.

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Companies with substantial wealth and multi-billion dollar valuations are now staying in LA; Riot Games, Snap, Inc., Cornerstone On Demand, and Dollar Shave Club are great examples of valuable companies that started, and stayed, in LA.“It’s a great time to be investing in LA,” Jones confirms.It seems no one will know until the final episode of the season May 17th, or the at The CW's up front on May 19th."Mark did the finale and I think he might've shot an alternate ending — one to tease another season and one to close off the show,"Seriously why does Austin look so good here, and on the Tree this season, they made Julian's hair look like it was styled by two 5 yrs and a fork. The writers send the ladies to Puerto Rico for all you can drink Pina Colodas to insure there will be drunk texting scene, and Bikini Quinn to earn her name, and make Schwahn happy.Is it contractual that Julian can never outshine the real star in the Brooke Davis mini-mansion? While the guys get the short end of the stick and are made to camp out with a recliner on the Rivercourt.“I look at early-stage companies and entrepreneurs as putting smart people on boats, setting them in a direction, and hopefully they find the territory they are going after.

Never have we executed exactly on the business plan set out; it’s more like, do we have a great captain of this boat?By the time Jones was a senior in college, he had transitioned into running PBJ Digital, building websites and software with his two partners in Eugene, Oregon.When his wife, Jennifer, was accepted into grad school in Los Angeles, Jones moved PBJ to Southern California. I entered the company as an SVP to oversee Userplane and social initiatives,” he recalls.“When it became clear that Facebook was going to win the social battle, we broke up the pieces of the company and sold it off for News Corp,” he says.The goals of Science are threefold: First, identify great entrepreneurs, get their products live, and find them supporting funding to build their dreams.All three were sold, giving Jones valuable insight into the private equity markets.