Tivo schedule not updating

I switched off at the mains as the engineer told me and waited severl minutes prior to switching on again. Despite following the engineer's instructions and switching the TIVO box off and waiting, then switching it on again after several minutes, the problem remains.

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It really isn't good enough when they keep increasing the cost and this stops THEIR Series Link from working.

I have to be announced from 1st October on all 5 main channels & all their variants, plus Gold & W.

I will be away that weekend, so I just have to hope that my Series Links on those channels will sort themselves out??

Not to mention any new shows which might come on at that time.

up to 13/14 days, only the paid for multi channels have a rolling, daily updated, EPG.

Sometimes certain channels do not appear on your channel guide even if they are included with your TV service.

It will record the channel that's in the guide but not the channel that it's moved to.

You would think as noted above it's a simple hand off of information but if Comcast hasn't provide the info to start with, your dead in the water.

They did finally add the 4 new Music channels but not channel 2 or channel 788 for ME TV Delaware channel. Tivo just downloads the guide from their provider..should still have access to the channels as Ti Vo requires a cable card for digital cable, the card automatically pulls the channel map from Comcast, which is the same map your Comcast box gets...

you just wont have guide data for it until the guide provider updates their service Yes it's a guide providers problem, I can access the channels manually but that defeats the purpose of having a Tivo and season passes.

This is caused by the option to show those particular channels being turned off.