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Watch Now Chris and Lindy are tired of moving and have decided to settle down near their family in Hewitt, Texas.

Chip and Joanna find a rural ranch and convert it into a breezy beach-style home for the couple.

They have high hopes that Chip and Joanna can work their magic on it, but it's going to need total overhaul, making it one of the Gaines' biggest transformations ever!Watch Now Jordan and Rachel dream of moving to the country with their three children, and enlist the help of Chip and Joanna after their contract falls through on another property in hopes of a second chance at country living.Chip and Joanna are honored to be a part of the project, and with the help of RGIII, the US Army and the entire community, they're able to transform the lives of this sweet couple by giving them the home of their dreams.Watch Now With two grown kids out of the house, John and Stephanie Eberle agree it's time to downsize and look for the perfect place to relax as they enter retirement.Watch Now Chip and Joanna have a longtime friend who has a dream of living in a houseboat on Lake Waco.

With an all-in budget of ,000, the trio tour some of the available options and then face plenty of design challenges as they take on a tight space that, hopefully, floats.Watch Now Ken and Kelly Downs are a recently wed couple looking for a home they can both call their own.They've outgrown Ken's small bachelor pad and hope to find a place that reflects both of their individual styles.Kelly isn't a fan of the brick exterior, but she agrees that a little paint would be a great improvement.The second house, the "Cutie Tudor," is quaint and only needs relatively few updates.He calls it the "Three Little Pigs House" because it seems so old and weathered, a stiff wind could blow it down like the wolf in the children's folk tale.