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Very pleased to have a haiku voted ‘best of issue’ for Number 54 by the readers of Presence, “a clear winner”, according to the editors!stored in her phone the unborn child – Sandra Simpson, as many years ago – 1996 (2:4), the bookshelf reveals – Janice Bostok while guest editor encouraged me in my haiku ways.“Our stable of haijin will find publication elsewhere.

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I am reminded over and over again how hard they work, and how dedicated they are. When I received the invitation form, I noticed two things: the venue being Yoshi's San Francisco and a line to write a liquor license number.

I thought, "That's fancy and also smart." (Nishimoto Trading) Sake: Based on the handout, roughly 70 sake (nihon-shu) were represented by 19 breweries. (Plus, two beer breweries, eight shochu/awamori companies-two of which also make nihonshu, one awamori company, and one makkori company.) Venue: An open and beautiful interior with Jazz music in the background made this event very relaxing, and it helped me focus.

founders were John Knight (1935-2012), Jacqui Murray and Ross Clark with Jan Bostok (1942-2011) and Katherine Samuelowicz joining the team later.

“We kept each issue small, not only to be economical, but also because it embodied the pared down form within,” the editors write in their farewell.

All the events were for their clients, mainly restaurateurs.

I attended the two as a visitor and one as an exhibitor's helper.This layout allowed the guests to snack on food as they sampled sake.In contrast, food was set on the side of the room at the event last year, which gave more focus on sake. Personal Highlight: I would have had more highlights if I was able to stay longer, but during my two-hour stay, these things stuck with me.The space is nicely decorated with banner and panels, so it does not feel industrial. As the name of event suggest, this event showcases food, cooking ware, and dinner ware as well.Everyone who attended seemed busy trying to find a deal or something new.Personal Highlight: This year I worked behind a table, pouring samples for the visitors.