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When he receives invitations in the mail, the RSVP is already checked "No". He's worked in pre-production & post-production as a location scout, editor, audio engineer, post producer & casting director.These days, in addition to working as a camera operator, Gabe runs casting sessions for casting directors on both coasts, casts, shoots & edits small projects.

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TVI is a HD over BNC cable solution (the cable used by old CCTV systems).

TVI recorders (TVI DVRS) are Backward Compatible with Analog Cameras - if you plug an analog camera into a TVI recorder it will record in analog.

/ Locally hosted server and video conferencing at 100/100mbps.

Wi-Fi network and backup internet access at 50/25mbps. We look forward to helping you function more efficiently, comfortably, and look better to your clients.

Brian grew up in Stella, Oklahoma, aka "the sticks", and moved to New York to study filmmaking. "I don't always drink beer, but when I do I prefer . Michael performed in theatre for many years, at one point literally singing and dancing his way around the world.

While he writes and directs his own projects, he enjoys helping other like-minded filmmakers achieve their own vision in the filmmaking process. In more recent times he has stayed a bit closer to home, working in New York City performing and writing for theatre.In 1999, collaborated with husband, David Baker, to create a positive, synergistic environment for the NYC casting community. Mark earned his BFA in Acting from the University of Central Florida.Loves to play guitar, an avid JRR Tolkien fan and digs hanging out with her son, Aidan. He moved to New York to study theatre at Wagner College on Staten Island where he graduated with a degree in Theatre and Speech.He is a founding member of the Tennessee Shakespeare Company and also the Commissioner of the Brooklyn Croquet & Hunt* Club. He's worked as a lighting designer, stage manager & producer in theater.Gabe joined the staff and family of Endeavor Studios in September 2003. He's worked on Film & Television sets as a PA, runner, sound mixer/boom operator, grip, gaffer, talent wrangler, production coordinator, AD, AC, DP, location manager, producer & director."It's all about the work." (and there's nothing wrong with having a good time while you do it) Grew up in the Midwest and headed for NYC after college for a career in the performing arts. He is an Actor, Writer, Teaching Artist, and all-around nice guy.