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Hyun Tae is cold towards Mong Hyun, but actually favors her.

Honestly, they could have gotten a better looking actor for the male lead... The first 30 episodes were awesome and then it started to get shitty.. Great in the beginning, great buildup to disappoint after investing time to watch and by the 40th episode onward all the characters are changed and the story veered off and went in an entirely different way. Whhhhhyyyy me....because I think it kind of ruined the show for me. Let's change like this-------- Monghee and Hyunsu will love each other and her sister Yoona will go back to States because she wants her one and only sister's happiness.Anyway good show with some great acting with lots of teary moments but also fun too.. Evil people reap more good luck and there are no consequences for destroying people's lives - all is forgiven by their victims who suffered under them for many years. Will read reviews beforehand before starting any drama from here on in. Whhhhhyyyy me....because I think it kind of ruined the show for me. i like to answer your question wisa but i am afraid it may spoil the show...better watch it and find it for yourself. Im watching it because of jeong hyn, loved him in vampire prosecutor. Actually I really expecting Monghee and Hyunsu couple and I really like the drama but now there's nothing left in my heart....Monghee is supposed to be the heroine (I followed this series because I can relate with her struggles) but she fades on the background when Yoona returned. While mong-he never got Hyun soo, she still achieved her dreams and had a happy ending. Deok-Hee should have gotten kicked the hell out with all the havoc she caused. i should've never read ur all comment, im watchin this drama! any one who's child gets gets kidnaped , whats the first instinct of the perant or perants ? the scenes where shes upset and yelling and crying watch and you will see... A must watch drama for those who havent seen it yet. I agree with most people here..was a really enjoyable series except the final the end which ruin everything..writers must have gone crazy to come out with such shitty ending whereby the evils ones despite their cruelty and all shortcomings get happiest... Hyunsu back with his wife soooooooo bad ending after showing much monghee and hyunsu very care en support each other....great cast but bad story ending hmmmmm.....I feel it has been dragged out after Hyunsu returns from Italy. and Sung Eun should have just hit the highway with her evil self. I will advise everybody just to jump the last episode..anyway it doesn'y bring much more except frustration for most viewers. Howw about we change the ending as No one here agree with the ending, am I right?Basically saying, she is not afraid of Hyun Joon’s mother or her sister-in-law, Sung Eun.

I can’t wait to see them fall for each other, especially for Hyun Tae to fall for Mong Hyun.

I mean Ok I didn't agree with putting the guy between the sisters but they could have given us something more with Monghee.

Everybody is in the water rejoicing with a love one while MOnghee walks the road alone that's BS!

Strong characters are always a plus point for any drama, especially so for a family drama since they have a lot of episodes. So basically, the three brothers all come from different mothers and Park Hyun Soo is the maknae from the other woman, who lives separately (but is being supported by the chairman).

The one who is with all the power as of now is Park Hyun Joon, together with his mother Jang Duk Hee So far, I find the character Yoona refreshing.

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